The Service Startup

Many companies and start-ups, established or emerging, struggle to design innovative new products and services in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Large organizations are able to hire design consultants or build in-team operations, while smaller organizations go without the design capabilities to design creative, out-of-the-box solutions. 

Working with Tennyson Pinheiro, we created a book and set of toolkits called The Service Startup: Design Gets Lean, to help entrepreneurs leverage design thinking, service design and lean startup principles to innovate in a service-based economy. 

At the center of this approach is the MVS - Minimum Valuable Service - understanding the service context and individual perceptions, desires and needs to deliver the best service possible. 

Each interaction an individual has with a a service, a touchpoint, takes one of three forms: learn, use and remember. Designing with empathy and a user-focused research allows the designer to understand the motivations, perceptions, painpoints and needs as they journey through the service offering. 

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