People's Collective Arts

Social justice issues are more complex and interconnected than ever, demanding an intersectional approach rooted in collective power. In our mission to support others that want to build a creative and collective vision for the future, I was a founding board member of the People's Collective Arts, developing an organizational strategy and fundraising approach rooted in equity and justice to support our work of arts organizaing and cultural strategy.

What started as a grassroots effort to infuse traditional organizing with arts and culture helped give birth to the wild success of the People's Climate March, where we used cultural strategy and media to weave together disparate, sometimes competing interests into one multi-faceted, unified, and diverse coalition.

After the People's Climate March, a collective of artists, organizers, strategists and cultural workers came together to prove the efficacy of this form of organizing - one in which arts, culture and politics converge to imagine, envision and fight for the world we want to live in. 

We developed an organizational strategy that would meet the demands of the non-profit world while maintaining the grassroots ethic of distributed and non-hierarchical decision-making. This included a resource development approach to fundraising and partnerships development, as we are only as strong as the people we work with.  

Partners and campaigns we worked with included Fight for 15, Climate Works for All, Ayotzinapa and Right to the City Alliance.